Taliesen West

While Sonja was in town, the two of us also went to see Taliesen West, Frank Lloyd Wright’s winter home and architecture school in the desert. Taliesen West is a gorgeous complex of buildings including Wright’s bedroom and study, a den for parties, a theater, a cafeteria, a drafting room for students, and more. When […]


Moving to Arizona, we worried that we might not get to see our old friends as much – but we’ve been surprisingly lucky to see a few already, including someone very dear to me who I hadn’t seen in over three years. Sonja is one of my Seoul sisters (forgive the pun, it’s true) who […]

Notes from the road

One big advantage of moving from Atlanta to Phoenix: It gave us an excuse to take a great cross-country road trip. On the fourth of July, we packed my little car with a couple suitcases, our guitars, and our dog Bingsoo and set out for the West, watching fireworks bursting along the highway all night. […]

We’ve moved

Why? It’s the first question everyone asks when I say I just moved from Atlanta to Arizona. Why move to the desert in the middle of summer? To a place where it’s so hot sometimes planes can’t even fly? Why leave the city – all the people – I love so much? And the little […]